Home owners do not find it as a necessity to cleanse their carpets on annual basis, where it can be an issue for the ones who without hesitation wear shoes on carpet and avoid the deep clean. They neglect the fact that deep cleaning of these mats and carpets is a necessity to them in many terms. In general, it is necessary to vacuum it twice a week. And after that, get it deeply cleansed on a yearly basis by an office cleaner in Dubai. But where there is a heavy load of family members it may be cleaned anywhere between five to seven days a week to ensure it is safe and good to go.


The steam method is actually known as the only way to remove 97% of dust and bacteria. It is also said to reach the lowest areas of the carpets as well. This makes it the best method of cleaning, where steam cleaning is just the water heated to a high level. Also, the carpets thickness and the cleaner’s extraction are on which it depends that how long it might take to dry. It takes around 45 minutes to several hours to dry. 


There is another way of cleansing carpet and that involves the use of chemicals to remove the dirt particles from your carpet. They use chemicals termed as “dry shampoos” which actually are not dry enough but might take less time to dry up than the steam cleansing. The cons of this method include that it only effects the top layer of the carpets and does not deep cleanse the material. Also, there are chances that some chemical residues might be left behind which is a serious threat to you and family members. Specially for the ones that are sensitive towards chemical contact, must definitely prefer steam cleaning.


You may find many debates on whatever you may approach as everything comes with advantages and disadvantages as well. But it should depend mainly upon your needs. they may vary in price as well. And either way you choose it depends on you, but you would be getting best results from their end. To choose ask your friends or neighbors what carpet cleaners they use. This is the best way to find the best services for carpet deep cleaning in Dubai.