Classrooms are not enough. There is need to have stationary shop as well. If you have business mind and you are looking to open a store in school, then you need to add few things in your store! Some of them are:

  1. Photostat machine:
    Photostat machine is must to add because teachers have to give numerous hand-outs and worksheets to students to improve their skills and teach them different topics. Besides this, students has so many thing to print and photocopy which can be related to school work and other things. The machine will make it easier for them to get things, otherwise they have to travel to another place or shop to get their work done. You can also get in touch with a binding machine supplier in Dubai to get a high quality machine. 
  2. Plastic-coating machine:
    There are so many documents and papers which need to be coated in plastics. Therefore, it is better to add lamination machine so that you can get more customers and more income. You can get lamination machine Dubai as a hub of it for cheap from any wholesale market. 
  3. Stationary:
    It is must to add because every child needs writing materials and pouches to keep their pens, pencils and erasers. Try to keep different kinds of pencils and pens in your shop. It will give you more customers. You can keep drawings pencils, markers, paint brushes, files, and many other things to make your shop all-rounder for everyone who need any of them.
  4. Notebooks and Journals:
    Keeping journals and notebooks in your store will facilitate the students and teachers a lot. Try to sell them in affordable prices so that you would not have any loss and disadvantage. Try to keep different kinds of journals. You can even provide them the services of customization in which you would design the front cover according to their designs and likes. It will make everyone to come at your place. 
  5. Books:
    Keeping course books relieve parents a lot. Ask teachers to give you list of course books and buy them from wholesale market. In this you will get them for cheap and thus, you get a chance to sell on little more price to earn profit. 
  6. Bags:
    It is not the least. It can solve the problem of mothers who have to go to stores to buy bags for their kids. Try to keep big bags so that they can buy them easily.

So, these are few things which you should add in your store to make it w