There are numerous ways to earn money. If you earn with dignity, then your answer would be in yes. Every person wants to have prestige in their life. Most of the time of life, people serve their efforts in order to get earn money. For instance, when a person in a child phase his or her parents try to provide better education for building his or her better career for earning money. After completion of education, children become a person who are in the position to earn from the numerous field like finance & accounts, sales & marketing, research & development, quality assurance, etc. whole life of a person, from child age to an elder age, passes in the way of earning money for their life.

Most of the people who couldn’t have got education and wants to learn but they will not be able to do so just because of dare and time. Who better knows the importance of education in anyone’s life? except these people.

Teachers are less in quantity than the learners. In few countries, there is one teacher for hundreds of student, in few other countries the ratio is worse than this ratio. So, there is too much need of teachers in every schooling stages like pre-schooling, elementary or primary schooling and higher education. But most focused area is pre-schooling because this pre-schooling provides strong foundation in the life of child which enable a child to advance for further studies.

If you want to plan your career in the field of teaching then you may start as a teacher of pre-schools or if you have enough budget for opening school then go for it with proper planning. You may open nursery in JVC (Jumeirah Beach Village) or nursery in JBR Dubai.

Most of the school owners adopts the policy, in which they first start pre-school for small children when children complete their nursery education then for them start the upper class and carry on this policy. In this way, they advance their classes annually.

Another policy for schools is a discipline, always maintain good discipline. The most important thing is to provide quality teaching. There are various ways to maintain the quality of education by hiring qualified and experienced teacher. Monitor all the staff, maintain progress report of the staff and provide market competitive remuneration. In this way, you can maintain your school reputation.